dimanche 9 mars 2014

Delicious Carpaccio de Saint Jacques

We had a very nice dinner on Saturday night - thanks to our dear friends...
Once again not the best picture ever...
Because we were 8 and we just have a New York sized table, I decided to make different appetizers so we don't have to sit for hours. I made many different appetizers but here is - I think - what my guests loved most. I put some slices in between pieces of a good French baguette from Fairway.

For 8 people and everyone gets a few different bites (if you want to do it as first course get double).

1 pound of scallops (because obviously they are non cooked make sure you have very fresh ones -  you don't want to make your friends sick...).  I got them from Citarella. I have to say that the fishmonger at Citarella always has very good advice. 
Olive oil
The juice of two lemons
One good non-serrated knife

I would say that the best time to prepare this is an hour to two hours before serving it.
30 minutes before starting slicing, place the scallops in the freezer. The scallops will be easier to cut thin.

After 30 minutes in the freezer, use a non-serrated knife and start to slice. Place the slices in the center of a large pie plate, forming a circle. Add enough olive oil so that there is a little bit on every piece.

Cover with salt and pepper, then two tablespoon of capers.

Cover with wrapping plastic and keep in the fridge.

15 minutes before serving add the lemon juice.  15 minutes later, it's ready to serve!

I wanted to add some shredded parmesan and I forgot. If you want to serve it as an individual entree you can do it on a spinach salad or the parmesan biscuit that you can find in the other recipe...

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